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With the fragrance of MIMOSA for women.


Flowery, green, powdery, musky.


The story of the perfume VERSUIT describes a true and modern fairy tale like 1001 Nights and symbolizes the love of a young couple that has been captured with this fragrance and can be carried around the world. Let yourself be enchanted and join me in the fairytale world of VERSUIT.

The fragrance gives you the feeling with the top note of Violet, you walk through delicately purple flower fields, accompanied by the invigorating, fresh green. The iris makes a mystical, gentle rainbow appear in the sky.

The heart note is a young woman named Mimosa, dressed with a touch of white petals nestling like a veil on her elegant body. A scent of heliotrope envelops her and invites a young man to approach her. The basis of sandalwood stands for purity, patchouli for the oriental spice, vanilla for the warm sensuality. Mimosa is remembered by the King of Scents, White Musk, and the man's almost animal-like body captivates her. The aphrodisiac scent of Amber ultimately seduces her senses. Sealed by the Ring of Love, perched on the noble, round bottle like a V, through the atomizer, which represents a heart, the loving message may be carried into the world.

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